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Our Story

We love antique fabrics. And specifically ticking fabrics. For years we have been recovering them and making with them practical bags, beautiful kimonos and soft cushions. Since March 2020 we have decided to share them with you at Ticking Depot.

Our eagerness to discover these treasures has led us to different parts of the geography of Spain, buying old mattresses from clothes shops, or unused fabrics from old stock. Then we have applied an arduous and at the same time loving and delicate cleaning and adaptation process to leave them turned into perfect treasures.

We have a large collection of these fabrics that we continually increase. They are all available to you. They are all unique pieces and they are the last fabrics with such genuine characteristics. The quality of the fabric, the colors and the motifs make these pieces very limited in Europe.

These fabrics were produced between 1882 and 1980 in the Igualada region, known for its textile industry. This type of fabric was used to make mattress covers that were normally filled with sheep's wool. It is a very durable and resistant fabric, but at the same time absorbent and breathable. These fabrics have two characteristics that differentiate them from other European mattress fabrics: color and motifs. There are reds, pinks, lilacs, blues, greens, browns, oranges, yellows ... The motifs are very varied: floral, oriental, country and also palatial. There are also fabrics with many colored stripes and twill or satin along with damask.

We have been researching the history of these wonderful textiles for years and are still amazed that such brilliant colors and special techniques were used for something that would normally be hidden from view. Now we want to give them the value they have and we propose to use them for upholstery, cushions, bags, lampshades, and more. These fabrics are not only wonderful for vintage d├ęcor, but they are also perfect for the modern, curated home.

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