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Recovered Antique Striped Ticking

Recovering these ancient cotton fabrics is our specialty. Nowhere else can you find such a wide variety of textures and colors in old mattress fabrics.


The same manufacturers in the Igualada area who made damask fabrics and, above all, those who did not have Jacquard looms, made precious mattress fabrics with brightly colored stripes in twill or herringbone.

To compensate for the simplicity of the striped pattern versus the large, full damask patterns, these fabrics offer us vibrant coloring and dazzling blends. In general, the colored stripes are intermingled with others of a subdued white that accentuates their age.

These types of fabrics are called "cuties" from French Coutil. They are woven like sateen or twill, dense and strong, well conceived for the use they were to have: to contain wool in fantastic and appreciated mattresses.

What Makes Them Special

Imagination to the power! This is what the old manufacturers in Igualada, who did not have jacquard looms, must have thought in the early 1900s. How to make fabrics for mattress covers that could compete with the magnificent damask fabrics? They found the solution using color and weave. The cotton fiber makes this fabric shrink a little after washing, making them tighter and denser. Very useful for the function for which they were created: wool mattress covers.

Two types of fabric were used in these fabrics: sateen and twill. Sateen woven fabrics are very conformable. The twill weave provides not only a strong texture, but a linear appearance very much in line with the colored stripes of the same fabric. A small subtle detail that makes these fabrics even more beautiful.

Uses and Inspiration

At Ticking Depot we have a large collection of striped ticking fabrics with different textures and colors. Many of these rare fabrics have become soft and moldable over time.

Our old mattress fabrics are adapted to a myriad of uses especially related to interior decoration. I am in contact with designers, collectors and film and theater sewers. Each of them uses these beautiful fabrics with success. With them, mats have been made in the manner of the old mattresses, chairs and benches or cushions for these seats have been upholstered. We have also made bags, duvet covers and even practical kimonos. You just have to find the right color and texture for each project. If you have any questions, don't stop asking us, we love talking about these fabrics.

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