Our Story

Ticking Depot is a family enterprise. We fell in love with the mattress fabrics that were born in Europe at the turn of the 19th century, their history, their designs, and their colors.

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Ticking Depot | Antique Ticking Fabric | Old Ticking Fabric From Europe Pink Grey Stripes

Our eagerness to discover these treasures has led us to different parts of the geography of Spain, buying old mattresses, or unused fabrics from old stock. Then we have applied an arduous and at the same time loving and delicate cleaning and adaptation process to leave them turned into perfect treasures.

Our interest has led us to investigate mattresses, their shapes, content and fabrics from other countries and we have discovered treasures that we also want to show you. Thus, today we can offer you French, Finnish, Swedish and Danish mattress fabrics. And little by little we will enlarge the collection.

We have a large collection of these fabrics that we continually increase. They are all available to you. They are all unique pieces and they are the last fabrics of this kind. The quality of the fabric, the colors and the motifs make these pieces very limited in Europe.

Ticking Depot | Antique Ticking Fabric | Old Ticking Fabric From Europe Recovery Process

7,000 kg.

When the wool maker from whom we used to get old covers, told us that he had to dispose of his large stock and that he would sell it to be shredded, we were filled with enormous sadness at seeing such a large amount of history disappear. So “we tied the blanket to the head” (as they say in a popular way in Spain), and we bought the mountain of fabric from him: about 7,000 kilos of ticking fabrics packed in about 55 bales of 1 cubic meter. After a somewhat bumpy trip in a large trailer, now all these treasures rest in an industrial warehouse. Periodically we choose a bale, open it and discover unknown fabrics, new patterns and textures and even various ancient forms of sewing.

These fabrics, once recovered, and with a beautiful patina of old age, are ready to be given a new life. If you need to know more before making a new project, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be delighted to speak with you.

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Ticking Depot Today

We have been researching the history of these wonderful ticking textiles for years and are still amazed that such bright colors and special techniques have been used for something that would normally be hidden from view.

The Collection

These colorful fabrics from our grandmothers' houses tell a very interesting story in which manual work, artistic designs, technical innovations, business entrepreneurship, hopes and dreams of the future are mixed. Now we want to give them the value they have. In other words, we want to continue projecting futures. These fabrics are not only wonderful for antique décor, but they are also perfect for the modern, curated home.

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European Ticking Collection

The human being spends almost a third of his life lying down. The shape of mattresses, the filling material and the type of fabric used have evolved with similarities and differences accross countries. In one thing all these old mattress fabrics are alike: they are all beautiful and the fabric, even aged, is resistant for a second chance.

In this collection you will find everything from the classic French stripes to the bright stripes of the Nordic mattresses. From the softest cotton to the strongest and most beautiful tow or the warm wool of the northern pillows.

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The Home Accessories Collection

We cannot have these textiles before our eyes and in our hands without creating something with them. We have made a small collection of beautiful objects from our fabrics: cushions, lampshades, and our Mottainai kimono. We hope to be able to offer you new objects soon.

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Ticking Depot Interior Design Furniture Ottoman
Ticking Depot Antique Ticking Fabric Interior Design Wallpaper
Ticking Depot Antique Ticking Fabric Interior Design Furniture
Ticking Depot Antique Ticking Fabric Interior Design Cushions Pink and Grey Stripes
Ticking Depot Antique Ticking Fabric Interior Design Cushions Yellow and Grey Stripes
Ticking Depot Antique Ticking Fabric Interior Design Cushions Blue and Grey Stripes