Unused Antique Damask Ticking Fabric

These gorgeous and antique damask fabrics in dazzling colors were created to be mattress covers but are ready to use as you wish in your home. Our antique ticking fabric has been purchased directly from one of the last factories, so we can ensure their origin and authenticity.

Ticking Depot | Unused Antique Damask Ticking Fabric | Old Ticking Fabric From Europe Yellow Floral


These precious cotton fabrics have been manufactured in the Igualada area, known for its textile industry. In Spain we all have in our collective memory a mattress of showy flowers or multicolored stripes.

Two types of cotton threads are used in these fabrics: one white and one colored. They have two equally beautiful faces: on the "right" side or the smooth colored part — often times very bright — the motifs appear in white. On the “reverse” the surface is matte and the drawings are in the predominant color. The patterns reproduce loose bouquets or garlands, palace scenes, exotic birds, oriental settings, but also schematic designs.

Ticking Depot | Unused Antique Damask Ticking Fabric | Old Ticking Fabric From Europe Blue Chinoiserie

What Makes Them Special

These antique fabrics made for making mattress covers were made on jacquard looms. They are the last fabrics of this type and all are in excellent condition, a real luxury. Some have simple motifs, flowers or loose leaves, small bouquets, but all with a wide variety of Jacquard stitches. This makes them special and highlights the pattern. Other fabrics tell stories with different scenes distributed throughout the fabric in the manner of Toile de Jouy prints: Versailles stories, or oriental environments.

These old fabrics are preserved with unaltered and very varied color: pinks, yellows, greens, reds, etc. We have even found a pattern in 4 different colors. We have fabrics of different textures that go from soft and light to dense and resistant.

Ticking Depot | Unused Antique Damask Ticking Fabric | Old Ticking Fabric From Europe Inspiration Home Decor Lampshades Cushions

Uses and Inspiration

Unused, these precious, vintage fabrics retain their "fresh from the factory" look. When washed, they become soft and moldable and some incredibly fluffy. They are 100% cotton, very breathable and absorbent. All maintain very bright colors. You can use them to upholster chairs or armchairs as well as to make cushions or any other idea for interior decoration.

In the description of each of the pieces we indicate some ideas for use. Do not hesitate to ask us if you want to learn more. We are happy to discuss these fabrics and send you some samples. To have an object made with these fabrics is to have a little piece of history still alive with it.