Unused Antique Striped Ticking Fabric

These antique striped fabrics were called Cuties, from the French, Coutil, with twill weave, either sateen or herringbone. They are 100% cotton fabrics, resistant, durable and very practical for the use for which they were created: Mattress covers.

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The same manufacturers in the Igualada area who made damask fabrics and, above all, those who did not have Jacquard looms, made precious mattress fabrics with brightly colored stripes in twill or herringbone.

To compensate for the simplicity of the striped pattern versus the large, full damask patterns, these fabrics offer us vibrant coloring and dazzling blends. In general, the colored stripes are intermingled with others of a subdued white that accentuates their age.

These types of fabrics are called "cuties" from French Coutil. They are woven like sateen or twill, dense and strong, well conceived for the use they were to have: to contain wool in fantastic and appreciated mattresses.

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Old Ticking Sample Books in Striped Sateen

What Makes Them Special

The word cutí comes from the French Coutil which means strong tissue. The type of twill weave (sateen or twill) makes these fabrics very resistant. Sateen woven fabrics are very conformable. The twill weave provides not only a strong texture, but a linear appearance very much in line with the colored stripes of the same fabric. Multicolored striped cuties are sometimes a somewhat thinner type of fabric than the flowery damasks. But they are no less resistant, soft or moldable for that reason.

There was a wide variety of mixes and widths of stripes. Sometimes the pattern included damask details in a stripe which gives the fabric a special touch. These beautiful fabrics combine practicality and beauty.

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Uses and Inspiration

Our cutíes are like "fresh from the factory" with the usual sizing for finishing the fabrics. You can use these beautiful fabrics as is or wash them to remove their sizing. In this way they become softer yet always resistant.

They can be used for light upholstery, to make duvet covers, lampshades, lining boxes or albums, etc. A tablecloth made with these antique stripes will add liveliness to any table. I love using these stripes for my garden cushions. They give a touch of joy and freshness. My summer hammock reupholstered with the red and white striped fabric took on a new life.