Unused Yardage

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  • Width: 124 cm. (48")
    Length: 8,4 Meters Piece (9,18 Yards)

    Condition: Pristine
    Unused. Perfect condition. Original condition unaltered. May have only extremely superficial marks consistent with age and history. Very nice hand-moldable texture. This fabric is unwashed and has the original sizing (starch). Selvages preserved intact. In mint condition and incredibly soft and rare. Fantastic!

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  • Beautiful vintage mattress fabric (ticking) with cherry pink, beige and white stripes. It is a resistant European fabric made around 1950 that mixes sateen with damask jacquard with geometric patterns of squares in its pink stripes. In the past these resistant fabrics for mattress covers were called “cutís” (from the French “coutil”). This fabric is unused. Very rare! A treasure of the last factories in the Mediterranean. It is made of lightweight cotton. Perfect density textile for tablecloths and quilts. The yellow hue gives a warm look to our projects. We have this same fabric in Yellow, Pink, Red.

    ROSARIO SAYS: “It fascinates me how with just a few elements they managed to make such interesting fabrics: Here, a simple damask making squares is mixed with the base cherry pink and on the other hand the thin gray and white stripes manage to soften the shine and make the fabric more elegant."
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