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Recovered Panels

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  • Width: 78 cm. (30")
    Length: 88 cm. (34")

    Condition: Distressed
    Distressed. Some prominent signs of wear: may have significant losses, fading or structural issues. Minor color fading or discoloration throughout the piece. Moderate marks or tarnishing towards the side seams. Moderate scuffing throughout the piece. Some significant tears towards the side seams. Slightly worn eyelets. Very nice hand-moldable texture. Specially soft fabric. Despite all these imperfections it is a unique fabric. Maybe not for everyone. Incredibly beautiful and rare! This piece has the scene of the fawn with his mother and the young fawn. See the sketch, this piece has very deteriorated areas and perfect areas.

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  • Extraordinary and very rare vintage mattress fabric (ticking) in warm light yellow color. It is a European damask fabric from around 1930 or earlier. This piece, recovered and recently washed, was part of a mattress cover. This fabric is a medium to light weight cotton. Perfect textile for upholstery projects, cushions, bags, etc. Or to frame and color a corner of our house. It represents a scene of animal love in the forest: a fawn with his mother. It is a unique piece.

    ROSARIO SAYS: “By areas you can see the intense yellow color that it should have been. The color has suffered and has worn away, but the effects achieved are wonderful. Time has been giving it a more beautiful color patina than if it were the intact color "
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