Pre-Order REC-DA-LILA-013

Recovered Panels

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  • PRE-ORDER - This fabric is from our last buying trip and has yet to be measured and thoroughly checked. Please send us a message above to request the purchase of this item in advance. We will be in contact via email with details of available panels.
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  • Extraordinary and very rare vintage ticking fabric frosted lilac. It is a European damask fabric from around 1930 or earlier. This piece, recovered and freshly washed, was part of a mattress cover. This fabric is made of medium weight cotton. Perfect textile for upholstery projects, cushions, bags, etc. In this fabric the pattern is unique. A single complete drawing per panel. Like a tapestry. The elements are repeated in all four parts symmetrically. Pigeons and other birds and flowers intermingle. It’s a unique piece.

    ROSARIO SAYS: "It's an extraordinary piece. It deserves to be left uncut. The deteriorations can be restored and be part of the piece"
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